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Agios Nikolaos is an international and cosmopolitan resort that welcomes thousands of visitors annually. There is a great variety of hotels in the town as well as along its coast line. Any form of accommodation that can meet the requirements and needs of the most demanding is available most of the year.

The port of Agios Nikolaos serves as a hub to the twenty or so small villages and farms that make up that part of Lassithi. Tourist attractions include, small beaches in the town, the tiny island Agioi Pantes, the archaeological museum, the local flora exhibition Iris and numerous fairs.

The small lagoon Lake Voulismeni, the attraction that magnetise the visitors, is surrounded by red rocks and trees and the most graphic cafes and tavernas. The myth says that Goddess Athina once bathed in its bottomless waters.

The recently built marina hosts several major yachting events, art and music festivals throughout the summer. Out door activities are favoured here due to the fact that eastern Crete in general enjoys up to 300 days of sunshine every year.

Agios Nikolaos is situated 70 klm from Heraklion. The city does not have its own airport but the access to Heraklion airport is easy.

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