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The Prefecture of Heraklion, is the most frequently visited area in Crete, mainly due to its splendid archaeological sites that enchant every visitor and display the magnificence of the Minoan civilization. In the city of Heraklion, one can visit the remains of the Venetian civilization, the well preserved Castle and the Walls around the city.

Thousands of holiday-makers, VIPs, simple travellers, backpackers, all gather in this marvellous location. Organised sandy beaches, remoted small gulfs and clear blue waters create the most ideal places to spend a day by the sea.

Traditional tavernas in unbelievably scenic locations along the coast, in small mountain villages, around the Venetian port or the narrow streets of the city centre, can offer you the best quality of the famous Cretan Cuisine. In the evening, numerous bars and clubs can entertain you with Greek and foreign music.

In the Prefecture of Heraklion, a visitor can find the type of accommodation that anyone can desire. The region offers a wide selection of luxury hotels, hotel resorts, budget hotels, villas, apartments, rooms for rent and studios. Owing to its excellent infrastructure and splendid setting, Heraklion is also a popular location for business conferences, scientific conventions and social events, providing fully-equipped Heraklion conference hotels.

Visit our sight and take advantage of our 35 years of experience in selecting the best hotels for our mostly welcome guests.

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